X: Poetry by Robert Beveridge & Photography by Kris.K.G, 2


the teddy bear
beside the pillow
once again dries
in the bronze down

next to the empty
amber bottle,
the one black capsule
that got away

yellow wallpaper flowers
reflected in glass eyes,

and hours
until her parents
come to wake her


Robert Beveridge makes noise (xterminal.bandcamp.com) and writes poetry just outside Cleveland, OH. Recent/upcoming appearances include Chiron Review, Rat’s Ass Review, and Riverrun, among others.

Kris.K.G is a London based photographer. He has supplied cover art for a variety of musical acts, including for Aeonic Impulse’s album, “A Night for the Troubled,” The CunninLynguists’ “Black Castle,”  The Great Schism’s “For the Ancient Ones,” Moderat’s “When we Collide,”and Suplington’s “Risky Times.”  To enjoy more of Kris’ photography, be sure to visit his his personal site, Kris.K.G—Surreal Photographer, and to follow him on Twitter at Kris_K_G_Photos.


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