XI: Poetry by Victor Clevenger & Collage by Greg Hanson



During the daytime
he would mimic his mother,
giving thanks for all
things no matter
how small.
He mastered his smile
in the shiny reflection of
anything he gazed upon and
during the nighttime
he would mimic his
shifting weight from
side to side with clenched fists,
shaking them at the
demons inside of himself
from behind his closed
bedroom door.
He was his teachers’ favorite
he was his neighbors’
paper boy;
he was a fourteen-year-old
boy with a bottle
of gin hidden
underneath his bed
next to his Bible.
There wasn’t dust
covering either one of them.


Victor Clevenger spends his days in a Missouri Maximum Security Madhouse and his nights writing poetry and short stories from the kitchen table of his ex-wife’s home. Selected pieces of his work have been published in Blink Ink, Chiron Review, Crab Fat Literature, Dead Snakes, Eleventh TransmissionLady Chaos Press anthologies, NEAT, and Your One Phone Call.

Greg Hanson’s assemblage and collage have been exhibited at venues throughout Portland, OR, including Cannibals Gallery, Disjecta Gallery, Gallery 6 PDX, Annie Meyer Artwork Gallery, and The Museum of Contemporary Craft. In addition, Greg’s artwork has been exhibited numerous times at the Cog & Pearl, a boutique in Brooklyn, NY. To enjoy your own online exhibit of his work, please be sure to take a stroll through Greg’s Mixed Media Gallery. And, to learn more about the art of assemblage and collage, give his YouTube a visit.


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