III: Poetry by Victor Clevenger & Assemblage by Greg Hanson



I was walking through the food court noticing that most of
the late teen boys looked dope-strung and the late teen girls
looked good enough to eat, when the main speakers started
to play “Push” by Matchbox 20. Her face suddenly

appeared in my head. Her body appeared next and for a
long moment we were together again, because a real good
song, hell, even a bad song can spin your mind in circles
like a basketball spinning on the fingertip of a Harlem

Globetrotter. Eventually the thing stops spinning and falls
off the finger, falls to the floor, bounces a few times, and
then rolls to a stop. You pick it back up and squeeze it, or
you just move on with yourself and leave the thing sitting

where it is. I blinked a few times and then started walking
again because mixed together in the memories of her were
the memories of the depression that held me hostage when
she told me that she had been fucking some pretty boy who

worked for her. It took a long time to recover from that
woman, there were mornings that I woke naked and sore,
lying in a rescue breathing position on the living room
carpet next to a bottle and a .45 pistol, so sure, when I hear

“Santeria” by Sublime with Bradley, I instantly picture my
barrel shoved straight down her pretty boy’s throat.


Victor Clevenger spends his days in a Missouri Maximum Security Madhouse and his nights writing poetry and short stories from the kitchen table of his ex-wife’s home. Selected pieces of his work have been published in Blink Ink, Chiron Review, Crab Fat Literature, Dead Snakes, Eleventh TransmissionLady Chaos Press anthologies, NEAT, and Your One Phone Call.

Greg Hanson hails from Portland, OR, and is a 2012 recipient of a GLEAN grant. Founded in 2011, GLEAN provides local artists from the Portland area with a stipend and six months of access to the Metro Central Transfer Station (a.k.a. “the dump”) to glean materials for (re)use in art projects. A group exhibit to conclude artist residencies is also provided to grant recipients. You can view all of Greg’s finished creations from his 2012 GLEAN residency at Greg’s Mixed Media Gallery, and also read about his experiences during the grant period at his Blog-o-Matic.


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