V: Poetry by Tyler Gates & Photography by Kris.K.G, 1

winter_treeShoot Your Mouth Off

The double-jointed branches
of long-dead trees poking out
of the snow
like totems of post-apocalyptic war,

the tracks of a three-legged rabbit
running parallel to the grief-
ridden dream,

and a terrible love shared.

A love that felt like
trying to save the bee
that stung you.

Because we bellowed
like churning trains,

and laughed
like the insane, grinning
while polishing our throats.


Tyler Gates is published in bathroom stalls across middle America. He is also the author of the novel, Unhinged, as well as the chapbook, On The Pitfalls of Being a Cockroach in Love.

Kris.K.G is a London based photographer. His work has been featured on television, including on the Filipino & English news/variety show, “Ang Pinaka,” and on the documentary series, “Monsters and Mysteries of America.” To enjoy more of Kris’ photography, be sure to visit his DeviantArt gallery, along with his personal site, Kris.K.G—Surreal Photographer.


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