X: Poetry by Charlotte De’Ath & Photography by Jessica Schroer-Smalley, 2


Still Love

in the dead of night i took it (i named her it)
into the winter orchard cradled in my bare arms
like a wild animal scraping away at the dirt
i dug a hole my nipples cried
soaked into the earth
thirsty earth

then you walked in
the telly was still on even though
i’d not been watching anything but light flickers
you said we were dead
but i ignored you i don’t want things to end this way

i laid it to rest the soil not frozen yet but cold
and as if mumbling a prayer i was thinking of
its conception when my inner thighs were sticky
and moist with cunt juice and sperm
and now as my inner thighs again sticky
and moist this time with blood and afterbirth

all you can say
with alcohol breath and the scent of
another’s perfume clinging to your work suit
it’s over
we are the ashes of dust


Charlotte De’Ath was born in the east end of London but now lives in an idyllic cottage situated deep in the beautiful Suffolk countryside. She has published one chapbook, Kicks To Hypnotise Suburban Daughters, by Erbacce Press. She spends most of her free time playing with the Clueless Collective.

Jessica Schroer-Smalley is a photographer from Shelton, CT. Her work has appeared on numerous book covers, including Cold Shivers (2012), by Matthew Champine. To enjoy more of Jessica’s vast portfolio, please visit her online galleries at both DeviantArt and Flickr.


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