III: Poetry by Abigale Louise LeCavalier & Photography by Jessica Schroer-Smalley

The Lash

She thinks pain is beautiful
in thirty minute dreams,
a stagnant thought
and the memory of lost love,
she has been bitter;
knuckled under by bad art
and broken promises.

Wanting the singing to stop
to rest in a bucket
in a well
in the bottom of the ocean,
tired and silent,
like blood.

She thinks pain is beautiful
when very much awake,
feeling electric in scarlet
beating back the ghost,
coming home roundabout
and seeking out a sunburn.

Up to her knees in pansies
she licks the palms of her hands
to capture salt,
sucks her fingers
in hope of honey,
breaking her lips
over her teeth.

She thinks pain is beautiful
when she looks at the stars,
flat on her back
tracing her scars,
she thinks pain is beautiful
until she doesn’t


Abigale Louise LeCavalier lives in San Diego California by way of Mammoth Lakes California. An admittedly ‘self-absorbed poet’ and full-time alien,  Abigale writes from the heart. Most of her pieces are dark and revealing narratives of things and issues she has had to deal with in her life, giving the reader a look on the not so bright side of life. Her work has appeared in Abandoned Towers Magazine,  Black-listed Magazine, Filling Station, Illogical Muse, The Off Beat, The Sheltered Poet, and many other online and print publications.

Jessica Schroer-Smalley is a photographer from Shelton, CT. Her work has appeared on numerous book covers, including Cold Shivers (2012), by Matthew Champine. To enjoy more of Jessica’s vast portfolio, please visit her online galleries at both DeviantArt and Flickr.


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