Poetry by Kushal Poddar & Photography by Alexandrina Ana, II

Months After She Relented

Inside a small room,
one in his skull,
he plays the tune
they used to love,

and he moves his
tenement when
I build a town of grief.
“She is dead,” I say.

“Shush yourself,” he says,
“we are slow dancing.”


This is me bathing

I have showered skin.

You invited me in.
I couldn’t go of course.
Another house one day, courthouse
on the other.

I have beads in my hair,
cold rosary and prayers of lust.
Pearls on my pubic zone.

I stare at the mirror, wipe.
No shadow. I didn’t hope.

A crow cries outside.
A window creaks. I had the world
on the tip of my finger
and for pleasure all I had to do
is to gather it in a fist.

Nothing remains. Showered skin
I have. No flesh. No spine.


At Mindflower Falls

Mindflower Falls,
midnight, moon,

neighbour making
a late-night run
for his wife’s cigs,

someone rings my
doorbell. No one
stands on those
November steps.

I hate voices,
and when they go
I seek them out
from the banks of River Styx.


Kushal Poddar lives in Kolkata, India, where he works as a lawyer in the High Court at Calcutta. He is the author of three poetry collections: The Circus Came To My Island (Spare Change Press, 2014), A Place For Your Ghost Animals (Ripple Effect Publications, 2015), and the forthcoming Understanding The Neighborhood (BRP). Widely published both nationally and internationally, recommended selections of his poetry can be read online at Dressing Room Poetry JournalSqualorly, and Tuck Magazine. To learn more about Kushal, be sure to visit his Facebook.

Alexandrina Ana is a photographer from Bucharest, Romania. Her work was previously featured in Melancholie (University of Applied Science, Trier, 2014), by Fabian Ring, which explores the nexus between melancholy and artistic creativity. To view the selection included by Ring in his beautiful monograph, please visit Alexandrina’s tumblr.com.


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