Poetry by Rollo Nye & A Cover Tune by Acoustic Acid

To a Bum Found Frozen in Snow

a man fell off the face of a world
once grasped through sleepy sight
in silver lines between day and night
his moments of silent desperation glistened
as surrender entered the equation
then back to strength still denied
he left to wonder
how easily disguised go I?



I live on a borderline along several dimensions of chance.
I remember when I found a Roosevelt Dime in the sand.
It was like . . . Jackpot!
I want to win again, like, dumb luck!
Strike it rich again and again, but not always.
Just enough to feel like I won something
after all the shit comes down.


On The Shallows

dreams begin early out on the shallows
where blue is true and black sleepless
as the sea endlessly changes composition
and Novocain spreads out over the sky


Rollo Nye was born in Manhattan and raised in Queens. He currently resides on Long Island, where he works as a teacher, psychotherapist, and yoga instructor. To read more of Rollo’s poetry online, please visit Dali’s Lovechild, Oddball Magazine, and Syzygy Poetry Journal.

Acoustic Acid specializes in covers of Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, along with other great bands like Blue Pills,* Electric Wizard, & Satan’s Satyrs. To hear Acoustic Acid’s ever-growing collection of tunes, please visit his YouTube. But first, check this out . . .


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*“No Hope Left For Me” originally appears on Blue Pills’ 2014 self-tilted release. To check out the full album, please visit Nuclear Blast America. And, be sure to also visit the band’s Official Website.