V: Poetry by Melanie Browne & Collage by Greg Hanson


Thackerville, Oklahoma

The casino lights
are bright & shiny
while the livestock
outside of town
are getting sleepy.
The dice joint
ladies & gents
hog the newest
slot machines,
pushing the
“same bet”
with one hand
nursing a
burning cigarette
with the other.
I get impatient
because I too
want to play
the newest &
loudest machines,
but I realize
it is hopeless,
like the continental
breakfast at the
hotel we booked
across town.


Melanie Browne is a poetry and fiction writer currently living in Texas.
She is published in various places, including Madswirl, Dead Snakes, and Pulp Metal Magazine.

Greg Hanson resides in Portland, OR. He has served as an online guest instructor to high school students in Hawthorne, NJ, inspiring interest in the work of acclaimed artist, Joseph Cornell, and providing practical how-to knowledge in the art of assemblage and collage. To receive your own online art instructions from Greg, please be sure to give his YouTube a visit. And, be sure to also enjoy more of his ever-growing body of work at Greg’s Mixed Media Gallery.


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