Poetry by Catfish McDaris & A Cover Tune* by Acoustic Acid

My Penis Has No Brain

Gazing into her hazel eyes where
the golden honey flecks swam, I
thought something has to give

With strong suspicions of having
a male clitoris between my ears
that controlled my lusty erections

I’d always walked on the dark path,
following the wind, listening to the
trees, watching the white crosses on
the hill and funerals in the spring

Laying my cards on the table for all
the pretty ladies, popping cherry gum,
turquoise roaches, killing with kindness

Iridescent flies on a bloated corpse, fat
monkeys, beavers in a woodpile, saber
tooth tigers, Eskimo snow ninjas

Just leave the porch lights on, front and
back, if you’re lucky I’ll stumble into
your neighborhood like Romeo on Viagra.


Catfish McDaris’ 25 years of published material is in the Special Archives Collection at Marquette Univ. in Milwaukee, WI. He’s listed in Wikipedia. His ancestors are from the Aniwaya Clan of the Cherokee Nation. He won the Thelonius Monk Award in 2015. He was in jail once for punching a pitbull that bit him in the ass. When he used his one call, his girlfriend told him to take a flying fuck and put the dog on the phone.

Acoustic Acid specializes in covers of Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats,* along with other great bands like Blue Pills, Electric Wizard, & Satan’s Satyrs. To hear Acoustic Acid’s ever-growing collection of tunes, please visit his YouTubeBut first, check this out . . .


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*“Ritual Knife,” written by Uncle Acid and K.R. Starrs, originally appears on Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats’ 2011/2012 release, “Blood Lust.” The full album is available via both Metal Blade Records and Rise Above Records. To learn more about the band, be sure to visit Uncle Acid Coven.