Poetry by Heather Lenz & Photography by Alexandrina Ana, II

Farewell Summer                                                                                                                          “The trees shook with wind and suddenly he was looking out of Quartermain’s face, and he knew how it felt to be inside a haunted house, alone.”                                                                                                          —from Farewell Summer, by Ray Bradbury

You press flowers against
Your heart. Empty chambers
long to be filled with

bright constellations,
deep conversations.

The last lonely nights
of summer. Time beats fast,
even when you are still.

& Plath keeps killing herself
in volumes on your bookshelf or
in your hands.

Crows shuffle & caw
with morning coffee as
you forget to get to know
your Self again.

Your child marvels
at future possibility.
You fear he is outgrowing you,
but love spoken calms.

You tether your soul to his,
knot the pain of laboring him
into an angry world.

Like the Bradbury novel
you read, autumn can be heard
stirring all around the

You can almost see out
from your father’s aging eyes.
Can feel him sighing
in isolated dusk.


Heather Lenz is a poet and artist born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She edits electronic poetry submissions for Stepping Stones Magazine. She has been writing poetry for many years and her work has appeared in several online and print publications, including Carcinogenic Poetry, Ink Sweat & Tears, Midnight Lane BoutiqueThe Monarch ReviewPoetry Victims and others. Her personal website is Ravens Among Me.

Alexandrina Ana is a photographer from Bucharest, Romania. Her work was previously featured in Melancholie (University of Applied Science, Trier, 2014), by Fabian Ring, which explores the nexus between melancholy and artistic creativity. To view the selection included by Ring in his beautiful monograph, please visit Alexandrina’s tumblr.com.


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