VIII: Poetry by James Diaz & Collage by Greg Hanson, 2


Pigeons In The Bar, Mannequins In The Bathroom

in the push
of fuzzy wind
sea exclaims
you little magnetized shaker


I cost as much as I feel
the size
of California sleepers

once I bit the razor
from the dark
nerve endings
broke the chain
that invented

a snapshot
I’m going through everything
kicked out of bedrooms
and bathtubs
one slap and the whole fucking scene ends.


James Diaz resides in upstate NY, spending his time writing poetry as if his life depends on it, because it does. His forms of survival can be read online at Cheap Pop Lit, Chronogram, Ditch, My Favorite Bullet, and The Voices Project.

Greg Hanson’s assemblage and collage have been exhibited at venues throughout Portland, OR, including Cannibals Gallery, Disjecta Gallery, Gallery 6 PDX, Annie Meyer Artwork Gallery, and The Museum of Contemporary Craft. In addition, Greg’s artwork has been exhibited numerous times at the Cog & Pearl, a boutique in Brooklyn, NY. To enjoy your own online exhibit of his work, please be sure to take a stroll through Greg’s Mixed Media Gallery. And, to learn more about the art of assemblage and collage, give his YouTube a visit.


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