VI: Poetry by James Diaz & Collage by Greg Hanson, 1


Sex Coo Darger

Polaroid drunks
stumbling across continents
and sometimes if you wish
the margin of gloom
passing over haunted skies
not our fear but our virile madness

only this time remember my mouth
I love feeling your head
I move so fast
four times through the whole picture
kiss kiss kiss

poking out
a center from islands manic and frayed
it’s a map
I’m a dead man
these words like the earth
flickering off me
I wonder if you’re sleeping
I want to slobber all over your nook
I want to see you
but I have to pay dues
maybe Shiki the cicada
fast food burning
little groove
my finger the finest creation.


James Diaz resides in upstate NY, spending his time writing poetry as if his life depends on it, because it does. His forms of survival can be read online at Cheap Pop Lit, Chronogram, Ditch, My Favorite Bullet, and The Voices Project.

Greg Hanson hails from Portland, OR, and is a 2012 recipient of a GLEAN grant. Founded in 2011, GLEAN provides local artists from the Portland area with a stipend and six months of access to the Metro Central Transfer Station (a.k.a. “the dump”) to glean materials for (re)use in art projects. A group exhibit to conclude artist residencies is also provided to grant recipients. You can view all of Greg’s finished creations from his 2012 GLEAN residency at Greg’s Mixed Media Gallery, and also read about his experiences during the grant period at his Blog-o-Matic.


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