IV: Poetry by J.J. Campbell & Collage by Greg Hanson


in the middle of your chest

you bite your bottom
lip as those come fuck
me boots walk away

you imagine the heel
in the middle of your
chest as she teases
you by slowly pulling
down her panties

you start to walk
after her

who cares that this is
a public grocery store
in the middle of the

you are a creature
of instinct


J.J. Campbell is old enough to know better. He’s been widely published over the last 20 years. When not watching sports or porn, he’s wasting his time bitching about the world at his highly entertaining blog, evil delights.

Greg Hanson’s assemblage and collage have been exhibited at venues throughout Portland, OR, including Cannibals Gallery, Disjecta Gallery, Gallery 6 PDX, Annie Meyer Artwork Gallery, and The Museum of Contemporary Craft. In addition, Greg’s artwork has been exhibited numerous times at the Cog & Pearl, a boutique in Brooklyn, NY. To enjoy your own online exhibit of his work, please be sure to take a stroll through Greg’s Mixed Media Gallery. And, to learn more about the art of assemblage and collage, give his YouTube a visit.


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