IX: Poetry by Tyler Gates & Photography by Kris.K.G, 2

voidReady For The River

It’s impossible to know just how you’ll be remembered. The fields
are empty again and so are the hearts of your children. They dance
sideways, forever suspicious of anything that happens to be
even just a little bit gray. One scratches curse words into the sand
with her plastic foot. Another waits in line to saw you in half. But your youngest,
she stands at the edge of it all, black-eyed and red-toed, looking
up at you with the cracks in her lips
forever twisted into a cherry smile.

You stand above all this laughing wildly
as the pumpkin-colored carnival of your life twists
on into hearts made of autumn love. And what of the others?
Under feelings of remorse they sing along
with music that no one quite remembers
just where it came from. But you, all you
can hear is your own vacant heartbeats,
and the sound of wolves rushing
to claim your bony hands, to tear open
promises that as hard as you’ve tried
you never got a chance to break.


Tyler Gates is published in bathroom stalls across middle America. He is also the author of the novel, Unhinged, as well as the chapbook, On The Pitfalls of Being a Cockroach in Love.

Kris.K.G is a London based photographer. His photography has been included in the anthologies, Garland of the Goddess: Tales and Poems of the Feminine Divine (Bibliotecha Alexandrina, 2016) and The Dark Ones: Tales and Poems of the Shadow Gods (Bibliotheca Alexandrina, 2016), both edited by Gerri Leen. To enjoy more of Kris’ photography, be sure to visit his DeviantArt gallery, along with his personal site, Kris.K.G—Surreal Photographer.


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