Issue #5: Table of Contents


                                      Please, click any poet’s name below to read verse accompanied                                          by the photography of Jessica Schroer-Smalley. Thank you . . .

I) John Grey

II) David Spicer

III) Abigale Louise LeCavalier 


IV) Richard King Perkins II

V) Charlotte De’Ath 

VI) Intermission: Publishing Opportunities

VII) John Grey

VIII) David Spicer


IX) Richard King Perkins II

X) Charlotte De’Ath

XI) J.J. Campbell


XII) Slideshow: 

Photography by Jessica Schroer-Smalley,

accompanied by “Darkest Hour,” by Natalie Ramsay*




*Slideshow Music Credit:

Released by  Dead Level Records on 12/16/2016, “Darkest Hour” appears on Natalie Ramsay’s EP of the same name, available via bandcamp.

To learn more about Natalie Ramsay and her music, please visit