XIV, Slideshow: Assemblage & Collage by Greg Hanson

Please, click on any image below to view Greg Hanson’s assemblage and collage as a slideshow. Selected URL’s for the artist are included at the bottom of this page.

Greg Hanson (Selected URL’s):


GLEAN Program:

Disjecta Gallery: 2012 GLEAN Exhibition Announcement

Flickr: Greg’s GLEAN Album

Blog-o-Matic: Greg’s GLEAN journal at galleriagreg.com



An Outburst of Impassioned Eloquence


Online Galleries:

Flickr: Greg’s Homepage

Greg’s Mixed Media Gallery: Home



Social Media:

Greg’s Mixed Media Gallery: Blog-o-Matic



Greg’s You Tube

“Greg Hanson—Collage Artist,” by Will  Luers


XYZ/Also Groovy:

The Clarion:  “Art and Technology Meet

Creating a 21st Century Learning Experience”

Recology AIR: “Glean”


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