IX: Poetry by David Spicer & Collage by Greg Hanson


Pygmies, Clowns, and Clods

Sharing the same birthday,
you and I moaned on satin pillows
after our thighs collided and you told
me you had dreamed pygmies
beheaded Amelia Earhart, suggested
I rinse my hands if I wanted to mousse
your spiked red hair. I didn’t, revealed
a hatred for clowns, recalling the white-faced
voyeur we had glimpsed earlier in the motel.
His buck teeth gleaming in our mirror,
I mentioned we were no strangers to the flare
of gazes, but that lisp and raspy voice
reminded us of dogs eating beetles.
You ordered me to shut up and borrowed my
Nikon for the bouquet of bluebirds that flew
outside the room. I cheered, “Go birds, go!”
and remembered promising you hash
browns, crab cakes, and a mince
pie with a pinch of cayenne. Instead,
we shadowboxed in the nude in separate
corners, and I forgot about the peeping tom.
What do you think your dream meant?


David Spicer has, in pursuit of the word, worked as paper boy, dishwasher, bottle loader, record warehouser, carpet roll dragger, burger flopper, ditch digger, weather observer, furniture mover, temporary flunky, gas pumper, bookseller, tutor, 11th and 12th grader babysitter, magazine and book editor and publisher, typesetter, medical journal proofreader, and librarian’s assistant. The author of one full-length collection of poems and four chapbooks, plus eight unpublished manuscripts, he has published in slicks, non-slicks, and online journals such as American Poetry Review, Curly Mind, Jersey Devil Press, Ploughshares, Reed Magazine, The Slim Volume, Yellow Chair Review, and others.

Greg Hanson hails from Portland, OR, and is a 2012 recipient of a GLEAN grant. Founded in 2011, GLEAN provides local artists from the Portland area with a stipend and six months of access to the Metro Central Transfer Station (a.k.a. “the dump”) to glean materials for (re)use in art projects. A group exhibit to conclude artist residencies is also provided to grant recipients. You can view all of Greg’s finished creations from his 2012 GLEAN residency at Greg’s Mixed Media Gallery, and also read about his experiences during the grant period at his Blog-o-Matic.


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