Visual Art Submissions

BAD ACID LABORATORIES, INC. seeks to publish evocative visual art that fits the site’s vibe, be it dark, psychedelic, gritty, esoteric, occult . . . whatever ya’ think. All schools, subject matter, and mediums will be considered.

Unsolicited Submissions

Though BAD ACID LABORATORIES, INC. publishes visual art by invitation only, you are certainly welcome to . . .

  • submit up to 3 URLs
  • that link directly to your work (i.e. 500px, Deviant Art, etc.)
  • in the body of an email (No attachments! Got that!?)
  • to
  • Also, be sure to include “Bad Acid Art by (your name)” in the subject line. That way, the editor knows you care.

The editor would be glad to have the opportunity to see your work, and to consider you as a possible feature for future issues. Receipt of URLs will be acknowledged, generally within 14 days.

Solicited Submissions

The following outline is provided for artists who have been invited to have their work featured at BAD ACID LABORATORIES, INC.

Pay Scale

For visual artists who are invited to feature at BAD ACID LABORATORIES, INC., the site offers the following remunerations:

  • $30.00 (US) collaboration/retainer fee.
  • $10.00 for any image(s) utilized as cover art.
  • $5 per image used for the table of contents page, and to accompany poetry within the body of a given issue.

Total payment—i.e. retainer fee plus other remunerations outlined above—will likely range between $85.00 and $110.00, depending on the number of images used within a given issue. Rates of remuneration are non-negotiable, and are payable only via PayPal.


Following initail contact with the editor, wherein an artist agrees to consider having his or her work featured at BAD ACID LABORATORIES, INC.:

  1. The retainer fee is paid.
  2. Artist next answers a brief questionnaire to be used for bio development (biography, that is!)
  3. Artist later proofs mock-ups of uploaded images, as selected and assembled by the editor for the cover, the table of contents, and to accompany poetry.
  4. Artist is also welcome to provide critical/creative feedback as he or she sees fit in regards to the aforementioned mock-ups.
  5. If in agreement with the proposed feature, the artist will then provide RAR files* of work to be utilized for both the cover and within the issue, with any watermarks, titles, logos, and/or digital signatures removed.

The collaborative process outlined above is generally staggered over a period of weeks, and generally takes only two to three hours of the artist’s time. Final payment for cover art and all art used within an issue will be made 24 hours in advance of receipt of RAR files. And, the artist will also be invited to do one final proof of his or her work, once the final mock-ups have been produced by the editor.


Final payment is for previously unpublished artwork,** and is made to secure Non-Exclusive License to Publish, along with Archival Rights. All other rights will revert to artist immediately upon publication.

*Though RAR files are much preferred, high-quality jpeg attachments are also acceptable, should supply of the former be an issue. 

Tarot.JPG**In contrast to work published in print and online journals, work that appears on unjuried sites, be it a personal site, or one such as DeviantArt, is not considered previously published by the editor. Acknowledgement of first publication on such sites is certainly appreciated, but not expected. 

To Conclude

Thank you for your interest in BAD ACID LABORATORIES, INC. May you have a good bad trip.

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